Newborn Portrait Session
I recommend booking for when baby is 7-14 days old. Why is this so important? A newborn has nearly 300 bones & cartilage pieces, which after 10–14 days, start to fuse together into calcified bone, which makes it much harder for them to safely go into the womb position they have been in for the last 9 months. This womb position is the bases of almost all newborn poses. If baby is breastfed, I recommend scheduling the session after 3-5 days.


There are some exceptions to this rule. If baby has been in NICU and is not able to make the session with in the 14 day mark, I will do the session. 

Your Newborn session will be held in my studio in Prestbury, Pietermaritzburg.  

I am a fully trained Newborn photographer and have had extensive training to insure that you and your newborn are always safe and comfortable. 

Props & Outfits
I have everything needed for your newborn session at the studio. I will provide the props, hats, headbands, wraps & outfits for your Newborn session. 

Family Photos
If you book a package that includes Parent and Sibling with Baby, I will have outfits for siblings up until 5 years of age. Please discuss this with me before hand to ensure I have an outfit available for any siblings 5 years and younger. Mom and Dad can wear black, beige or neutral colour. (Chinos always look best on men) with black or neutral colour shirt/blouses. Please do not bring any clothing with any printed logos on.

I supply you with a Newborn Session prep guide for your Newborn session. Please remember if baby is breastfed to avoid any foods that may give baby gas. If baby has gas or is sick, baby will NOT want to sleep or be posed, and we may not get the images you want. 


If you would like to book a session please get in touch here.